The company

Miel Abitémis is a family owned business that has been producing a high-quality unpasteurized honey for over 30 years. This region's dry and hot climate in the summer, which is usually complemented by cool nights, allows us to produce honey with a unique flavour. Our passion for apiculture, our experience as well as our expertise in beekeeping make our honey one that is natural and delicious. The staff at Miel Abitémis care about producing the best and are proud to offer high-quality products that represent Témiscamingue.

July 31st 2015

From August 14th to 16th, we'll be at the Foire Gourmande de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue et du Nord-Est Ontarien. Come taste our sugary treats!

December 28th 2014

Miel Abitémis and « Nord to North » were mentionned at « la bonne nouvelle économique! »

Originally from Sainte-Madeleine, a small village near St-Hyacinthe, Germain Tétreault realized at a very young age that he had an uncommon passion : bees and everything about them. Even if they seemed frightening to certain people, Germain was fascinated by them. Around the age of 21, he left Québec to learn more about apiculture. He spent four years in Saskatchewan where he worked for many beekeepers from that province, to eventually return to Québec. He settled in Témiscamingue, more precisely in St-Bruno-de-Guigues, a region favourable for bee keeping. He then started a business, Miel Abitémis. He has transferred his passion and his knowledge to his family members who are now well established in this amazing business and who ensure its growth and continuity.